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First of all, we would like to welcome all who are interested in Muay Thai (Thai boxing)  or who are already practising this unique sport.

Since the Internet has become a medium which existence by now is known in even the remotest places on earth, international communication and information has risen in all fields. For the traditional Thai Martial Art of Muay Thai this fact opened a great opportunity to start a new era of  reaching and contacting sport mates over the entire globe. For a sport like Thai boxing that has not yet reached the over world acceptance unlike Martial Arts as Karate, Judo etc., the Internet has become a busy theatre for presenting itself.

Many Muay Thai pages have been published on the Internet and fortunately their number is increasing day by day. But where can you find them except by picking the right ones out of search engines or following some Home page Links! Therefore, the major aim of this Site  is to collect and publish Links that will help you to find the pages you are interested in.

Of course, we are trying to keep our Links up to date, but naturally this cannot be granted to a 100 percent. Therefore, we need your help. If you are hosting or publishing a Home page about Thai boxing let us know about it and we will add you to our Links. Especially now in the very beginning of this site we are grateful for every e-mail in our mailbox.


Apideh Sit Hiran, living Muay Thai legend, with 7 champion titels and over 300 professional fights, honoured by the King.

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